Herbal Supplements

  For nearly 3000 years Asian cultures have harnessed the natural power of plants to live healthier and happier lives. Today Western medicine is beginning to discover the powerful effects which herbal supplements have on the overall health and well-being the human body. In fact, herbal supplements are believed to increase energy, improve memory and even reveal a more natural

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Anorexia and Social Factors


Anorexia is an eating disorder that evolves from either a distorted body image or the desire to control the environment. Often the sufferers are women in their teens or early twenties but men also fall victim to this disease. Many also theorize that the control of the environment and distorted body image are influenced by anorexia and social factors such

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Normal blood pressure for adolescents


As children grow parents tend not to take them for physicals every year or two unless they require sports physicals for school activities. This may be a mistake since, although teens often appear healthy, this is a time in their lives when their bodies are able to withstand consistent assaults from chemicals, environmental stimuli, over eating and under exercise. Receiving

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Active Kids


American children are growing more obese each decade. In fact, all of Americans are growing more obese each decade. The problem isn’t limited to the children. However, it is as children that we learn to eat correctly, get the right amount of exercise and place a high value on our health.   For good health, children need at least 60

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Fitness for kids

  Kids today are not as active as they were twenty years ago. Video games and television has made them more sedentary. But kids need to be active to avoid obesity and to keep their growing body in tip top condition. If you want to promote fitness for your kids, you need to set a good example. Have an exercise

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