Finding the time to exercise at College

  Overcoming the freshman 15 requires a bit of persistence, knowledge and an ability to learn how to organize your time and structure your day.   The freshman 15 is the term used to describe the weight gain that is common during the first year at college.   However, while the term is ‘freshman 15’ the most common amount of

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Freshman 15

“Freshman 15” is the well-known phenomenon of weight gain for most college freshman during their first semester attending a college or university. It seems that college freshmen are most susceptible to gaining weight in their first semester of their college experience. Professors and researchers attribute this to a severe lifestyle change from growing up at home.   Many people look

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Stress Management

  Freshman year at college produces an abnormal amount of stress on an 18-year-old who is generally away from home for the very first time. And, since many of us eat when under stress, it is no wonder that many freshman gain between 7 and 15 pounds the first year they are at college. One of the ways in which

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Snacking and Studying


  Staying up late, studying till dawn and then racing to take your final exam or get in those final pages of your paper before your professor’s deadline, is a common occurrence on a college campus. Trying to eat a healthy diet while staying awake at night and not gaining weight seems to be a never ending struggle for most

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Overeating at college

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The transition between college and the freshman year and living at home often means lots of new additions and stressors added into a students life. Most new college freshmen have heard of the “freshman 15”, or the commonly believed 15 pounds of weight gain that a freshmen will put on in their first year of college.     New studies

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How to Cure Bulimia

  Bulimia is an eating disorder that affects thousands of people each year in western cultures. The characteristics of the disorder have been described since 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association and include an unrealistic opinion of body image, strict dieting protocols, binge eating (or pigging out) about 2 times a week followed by inappropriate ways of preventing weight gain

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Bulimia and Panic Attack

  By definition people who suffer from bulimia have behavior that is characterized by over eating (binge) and subsequent inappropriate behavior to prevent weight gain that can manifest itself with purging (induced vomiting) or excessive exercise.   On the other hand panic attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that comes without warning and without an obvious reason. It is

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side effects from bulimia nervosa / long term effects of bulimia


Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by binge eating and then inappropriate manners of preventing weight gain such as purging (induced vomiting) or excessive exercise. Thousands of Americans suffer from eating disorders each year. There is an increased prevalence of eating disorders in western cultures.     People who experience bulimia feel a need for perfection and

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Eating Disorders in Teenagers


Eating Disorders Eating Disorders is a condition that I have come across more than once in my teaching career. Teenagers and Young adults buy into the celebrity culture of body awareness and the idea that “thin is beautiful”   The reasons why a person develops this disorder is an article in itself but for the purposes of this article we

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