10 Pts!!!Should I take human anatomy or forensic science?

Next year will be my last year in high school and once I graduate I would like to go to school to become a pharmacist! So far I plan to take two science classes next year, however I can’t decided between human anatomy or forensic science (both are normal classes). I will be taking one of the two along with AP chemistry and 3 other AP classes.

I have an interest in both classes…. Any opinions will be appreciated!


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  • Human Anatomy focuses on the human body as a whole. You’ll be studying and memorizing bones, muscles, arteries and veins, etc. Forensic Science is going to focus on the body after a person dies.

    By the way, forensics means having to do with the court systems. In college you’ll find classes for forensic communication (ei: the format for arguing in court), forensic psychology, forensic anthropology, etc.

    Some of the basics are studying some human anatomy (not as intensive as the human anatomy class), what the procedures (legal and non-legal) are to deal with a dead body, find out how a person may have died, careers in the forensics field, etc.

    In college, the forensic science class at my school was offered through the Anthropology department and could be used as a science, anthropology, or criminal justice credit. Forensic science can easily cross into social study classes and may fulfill your need a less intense science course.

    If you do take human anatomy, a helpful resource that got me through the class is http://www.anatomycoursehelp.com

  • Forensic science, I want to change my career and become a forensic photographer.

  • Tenasia

    id say human anatomy

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