Am I the only one amazed at the infinite wisdom of God inherent in the biological design of humans?

Take for instance, the human reproductive system… more specifically the female genitalia… more explicitly the female clitoris – In my study of this, in particular my private sessions of human anatomy, I often find great difficulty in locating this anatomical aspect despite my determination and drive… But then it occurred to me that my knowledge of human biology is utterly stupefying compared to the wisdom of God inherent in the design of the human body.

Surely my Christian study partners will understand this and not be so frustrated with my ignorance and bungling?

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  • No Chance Without Jesus

    Self Impression…..even you can be a legend in your own mind

  • The Reverend Soleil

    If you think THAT’s impressive, you should take a look at the MALE clitoris…

  • karina.

    loooooooooool you again.

  • God is in a good mood !

    You need to pray for Revelation, worked for me.

  • |Gordon| |Freeman|

    I am amazed by the limitless stupidity of humans.

  • The Jesus

    Do you mean the biological design that allows for birth defects, mental instability due to chemical imbalances, cancer, etc?

  • Renee Y

    Our design could have only been made by a creator. The complexity of our anatomy, and other species prove that to me.

  • Metzae

    Admitting that you’re incapable of understanding biology is probably the only worthwhile thing in this question.

  • Oh, hai

    Keep up with your studies, it’s in a good cause.

    I will also persevere although I think I’m a bit ahead of you right now.

  • Peter

    Scientists can explain exactly how the body came to be naturally. How exactly is god supposed to have created a human? And why in the world would he do it so that it looked like it had happened naturally?

  • Paul M

    I am not strong in the field of biology (I only have earned the same earned degree that Charles Darwin had). I do know that human sexuality certainly demonstrates divine design. Sexual intercourse could be 1/4 the enjoyment and still result in more than populating this planet. This strongly denies an atheistic view of human sexuality.

  • khard

    Did you forget about our spines and knees?

  • numbnuts222

    If its any help, I think its under the nose

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