• The best book of all is a sketchpad.

    Take it everywhere you go, observe,

    and draw. Observe, and draw.

    Observe, and draw.

    Get little sketchpads, big sketch pads.

    A big one for sitting in the park. A tiny

    one for your purse. Then, observe, and draw!

  • Dante

    Even if its not a book, Dibujarte magazine is THE BEST tool to learn.They have everything in their pages: human anatomy, face, toons, comics, manga,shading, proportions, etc.
    Here I leave you a link where you can find the first issues.Even if they are in spanish, they are easy to understand.

  • connienelsonart

    You can purchase a book on human anatomy for artists and practice drawings from the book yourself. The classic for most of aspiring artists is "Artistic Anatomy" by Paul Richer, which you can buy a used copy from Amazon.

    Another good source of human anatomy and figure drawing is an ebook- I mentioned on my art teaching site http://www.explore-drawing-and-painting.com. The artist Todd Harris wrote this ebook to teach self taught artists like you to learn how to master the figure drawing. It is packed with practical info.

    If you can afford it, you can look for an open studio session where you can sketch a nude model for a small fee. Studying the books on your own combined with life drawing sessions will help you enhance your knowledge.

    Lastly, give yourself plenty of time to learn and study drawing people and anatomy. It takes time so be patient.

    Good luck to you


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