Any good websites that I can learn human anatomy?

Im a young anime artist. 🙂

Ive realized I need to learn human anatomy , blah blah blah.
Yeah…. e.e

Umm are there any good sites, that teach you about anatomy or have good refernace?

I know of some that are good, But they scare me…. all the muscles, they look so real! Its pretty disturbing to me

Some site thats not so hardcore? (if that makes anysense)

Oh and this is my art if you wanna see, Its not verry current though

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  • Matilda Sim


    i’m pretty sure deviantart and youtube have some pretty decent human anatomy tutorials. You can search for those (and they’re definitely Not hardcore lol.)

    If you want to learn human anatomy I would suggest that you get the figure drawing series by Michael Hampton. It is excellent and not at all disturbing. The one I’m currently using is Figure Drawing-Design and Invention.

    So check them out and hopefully it’ll provide you with some help! Happy Drawing! =)

  • Reverend Joe

    do a search for the system of the body that you want. But beware, it not real graphic, it may not be realistic enough. basically, muscle flexes cause skin bulges to move unless obese character is involved, then mute that movement. Muscles move the bones and outward tissues from the joints where they connect.

  • Hundreds of them from fairly simple to Pre-Med complex.
    A SIMPLE Web search will turn up a lot of them. Without knowing your particular educational or comprehension level, it’s hard to say which of them might best appeal to you from what standpoint.

    Check some out, and see which you like.

  • chillsoda

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