Any majors that doesnt involve a lot of math?

I really enjoy human anatomy and physiology but I don’t know any good careers that doesn’t require a lot of math or hard math,,,,math is something I’ve always struggled with..any suggestions?

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  • MavistheMaven

    Humanities majors such as English literature and art history don’t require math.

    Anatomy & physiology is not a major, it’s just a course or two. If you want to major in biology, there generally isn’t much math, maybe just some simple arithmetical calculations, if that.

    Some social sciences, such as psychology, may require a statistics course, but others, such as anthropology, may not.

  • Hey I’m with you I hate math how about lawyer therapy tech choch for a sports team or something that you enjoy dosent have to have math

  • Genus Gooberfatfacetwinkletoes

    I hate to break it to you, but you WILL use math your ENTIRE life. And human anatomy and physiology is more science and biology than math.

  • oklatonola

    History, philosophy, English, various foreign languages, political science, religious studies, gender studies,.

    I’ve always struggled with math too, but i’m NOT stupid in math. I just have math testing anxiety for more than 50 years and counting. Math is fascinating to me, but don’t make me take timed linear algebra test. Linear algebra has calculus 3 PRErequisite. it’s MIND-blowing for me.

    I took calculus 4 AND 5 AND PASSED. I’m NOT stupid in math.

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