Home Cures for Warts

Unsightly warts.   Most of us get at least one in our lifetime and we want to get rid of them, and fast. This skin growth, although harmless, steals our confidence depending on where the wart is located. Some of the warts are out of sight and do not bother us as much as the ones that are on our

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Train Your Child to be a Genius


We have been teaching children ranging from 3 to 12 years of age for the past ten years, teaching Math, English, Art and Memory Techniques. Our method of teaching is based on just one principle – FUN.   Fun learning is smart learning and children must enjoy and have fun while learning and this has been our main focus in

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Bulimia and kidney disease


Bulimia is characterized by people who experience episodes of binge eating or feeling a lack control over an eating episode and recurrent inappropriate behaviors to prevent weight gain twice a week for at least 3 months. Many boys and girls suffer today from eating disorders, which include bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. All of these disorders can be life-threatening because

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How to talk to your doctor about bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder that is characterized by binge eating and frequent inappropriate means of preventing weight gain which include excessive exercise or self-induced vomiting. Many times a person suffering from bulimia is of normal weight or even a bit overweight. Their perception of their body image is altered and they see themselves as obese and ugly. But because

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Prioritizing tasks

  Entrepreneurs, business managers and stay-at-home moms all strive to maintain an achieve successful time management skills in order to stay as productive as possible. One of those skills is learning how to prioritize their tasks in order to get as much done as possible each day. Time is the most precious commodity for anyone who wants to accomplish the

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Organizing Your Life

  Organization. It’s a word that strikes fear into most people who have problems with it, or who live a life that is naturally cluttered. However, it is necessary to address organization so you can become more productive and feel more satisfied about what you do get finished.   The core areas that you might want to address in your

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Setting Goals

  Most people are not familiar with how to set appropriate goals. While it might be easy to write down exactly what you would like to accomplish in a specific amount of time these types of goals are not always successfully achieved.   January of any year often finds people writing down two to three goals in each of the

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Things that Rob your Time

  Time robbers are every where. If we aren’t carefult the day is over before we realize it has begun. For some of us just the act of getting up and getting all of the kids ready for school can be a harrowing experience leaving us completely drained. For others getting the kids out the door is just the tip

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