best science choice for becoming a pharmacist?

im a sophomore now in high school, currently taking chemistry, already took biology . the basics.
i only have two more years of sciences i can take in high school. i was thinking about taking AP bio next year then AP chem senior year but there are other choices such as physics , honors human anatomy and physiology . advice? oh and should i take ap chem next year because im taking chemistry already this year it would be better to take it next year wouldn’t it? then senior year ap bio?

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  • Oleg U.

    I would have to say chem because pharmacists tend to deal with many types of chemicals when creating medicines for patients. Bio is more for a doctor or vet.

  • alex r

    AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and Physics because those are the areas that you need to study (pre-requisite courses) in college in order to get into a Pharmacy school. Some Pharmacy schools also count the AP credits if you pass the AP tests for those courses (generally scoring 3 or above).

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