Books on Human Anatomy?

I’m young and want to go into nursing when I am older. I thought looking through anatomy books may help me become a bit more familiar with the human body. Does anyone have reccomandations on good, detailed anatomy books? Or any books that would help me in the field of nursing when I’m older. Thanks!

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  • I think it is really wonderful for you to start reading up on Human Anatomy books at an early age! Well, there are two really good books that I recommend. The first is "Human Anatomy" by McKinley and O’Loughlin, it teaches you everything you need to know about the human anatomy and its physiological functions. The second book, is for people who are interested in medical terminology while trying to understand the human anatomy and it is called "The Language of Medicine" by Davi-Ellen Chabner. Both are really educational books that you can check out!!! It is really great that you are starting early, and I hope you are able to accomplish your dreams in the near future!!! Good luck!

  • sweetiefreck

    grey’s anatomy- it’s kinda hard to understand, but it’s the best

  • Michael J

    Essential Clinical Anatomy by Moore and Agur is very good but also pretty detailed. They will teach you that stuff when you do your nursing degree!

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