Can an incoming freshman take these classes?

I’m starting my 1st year of college this fall 2012. I want to take human anatomy and microbiology at my local community college to get it out of the way and because it’s WAY cheaper than taking it at my university. Am I eligible to take them or not since I’ve never taken any college courses before?

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  • Kevin

    You probably can, but my advice is to check it out first. The community college and/or the university should have advisers who know all about the rules, and you can talk to them. You may have to ask around for a while before you get to talk to the right people, but it will be worth it.

  • Libraryanna

    What you need to look at is prerequisites for the classes. Micro might require regular biology first. You also have to get certain scores on tests for reading, math, etc. You also need to check with the four year school to make sure they are transferable.

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