Can humans discuss human anatomy without behaving in a juvenile manner or thinking anything sexually?

I don’t think people of general population(besides med students and undergrad future meds) are able to discuss human anatomy without thinking about it in some sexual manner

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  • Kristin

    Apparently not. You’d think so, but no. I’d say about 50% of people are unable to discuss proper anatomical terms in a serious manner.

    Sadly, this also includes medical students, and undergraduate premed students. I teach both categories of students, and it is highly disappointing that even some of them can’t be professional.

  • Stuart B

    You would think adults would be able to but unfortunetly they’re the worst as they understand it completely.


    Yes they can.

  • *:.VegasTo DaGYM.:*

    I still aint hurrd what happened at da ending of Da Birds and Da Beez. My momz left da room at a part where dey be holding hands!

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