Can someone please help me answer the questions for ANATOMY?

This is an Anatomy and Physiology related post
They are all so similar so I dont know what the proper matches are:

flexor pollicis longus
biceps brachii
pronator teres
extensor digitorun
pectoralis major
triceps brachii
pronator quadratus

Question for avoeve answers:Matching

antagonist of biceps brachii

adducts the arm

flexes forearm and supinates the hand

elbow extensor

pronates the hand(2 muscles)

flexes the thumb

extends wrist and digits

2nd Group

extensor digitorun

rectus femoris

flexor hallucis longus

tibialis posterior

tibialis anterior

quadriceps femoris

tensor fasciae latae

Questions for above: Matching

extends toes

extends knee and flexes thigh

major foot inverter

flexes the great toe and inverts ankle

muscle that allows you to "walk on your heels"

most superficial and lateral muscle in thigh

muscle group that extends the leg at the knee

Thanks anyone who can help

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