Can you become a Nurse Practitioner with an online degree?

Of course this is assuming that you took all your science requirements like Human Anatomy and Microbiology in college already, then got a diploma in nursing on top of an Associates in Health Sciences…..Is it possible to do a bridge program to get a Masters in Nursing with online classes to eventually become Nurse practitioner?

If not purely online, how much can you take online and what online Nursing college will transfer to a school which can award this degree?

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  • Yes, you can do most of it online. You can do all or most of your nursing prerequisites online to start, then get your LPN in the course of one year. After that, find an online LPN to RN bridge program, then RN to BSN bridge, then BSN to MSN. The bridge programs require you to be working as a nurse as you go through their programs, so that you will gain experience and use that as your clinical site.

  • You cannot become a nurse of any kind online. Nursing schools require require you attend classes, lectures, skills labs and clinical placements. To be an NP you would need to get your Masters in nursing and have some nursing experience as well. It takes many years. Be very wary of anyone or any school that claims you can do it online. Most of these are scams and not recogized by licensing bodies.

  • Probably, well idk I’m only in high school so i’m not quite there yet. Not even a senior, a softmore, so yeah….

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