Can you bleed to death from a small cut on the penis?

Maybe this is a stupid question, I don’t really know. I am not really an expert on human anatomy. If you can bleed to death from cutting off the penis completely then is it possible that a small scratch or cut could cause that kind of bleeding as well? If this is a stupid question then I am sorry,
my curiosity got the better of me.

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  • TheRealAcid9

    There is an artery that runs the length of the penis and if you do sever that deep enough it is possible to bleed to death if left untreated.

    Back in medieval warfare the groin was a prime target to soldiers carrying short swords. With one weapon they could stab you in one part of your body and then stab you in your junk and you would bleed to death pretty quickly – though we’re not talking about small cuts here.

  • no, it would have to be a very very deep cut. you would need to lose a lot of blood

  • Díαnα Dαncєs

    Well if so, then i have one good reason to be happy that im a girl(:

  • SethSpeaks

    No. Not unless you had a bleeding disorder of major proportion. As far as that goes, you won’t automatically bleed to death even if it were fully cut off, but it would be a dangerous situation. A scratch or even moderately large cut would not result in death. As long as it didn’t cut through the artery it would not be fatal.

  • Anonymous

    Nope xD But you can bleed to death if you cut your tongue in certain places.

  • Rick-E

    Yes you can. If it bled continuously for hours non stop with out clotting. But seriously, how likely do you think that is? Geez, all you would have to do cover up the wound and apply pressure. Bingo!!!! Problem solved!

  • ★•Kiwisaur-boy•★

    Not if I bite your penis off.

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