Can you take a class if its not within your major?

Im a Political Science major and I want to take Human Anatomy and Physiology next semester, but Im not a Zoology or Biology major, will I be ok taking the class?

I took AP Biology and Anatomy in high school, but didnt take the college’s pre-requisite.

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  • RoaringMice

    You can take courses outside your major. However, if that anatomy course lists other courses as pre-requisites, you normally must have taken them first. The only exception is if you get the okay of the instructor for the anatomy class.

    Is it that bio and/or anatomy are required as pre-reqs? If so, and you took them as AP classes in HS, and got As and got a 4 or 5 on the AP exam, then you can maybe be able to be waived out of the pre-req by the professor. Go talk to her.

  • TheGrandOnion

    It depends.
    If you didn’t take the prerequisite you might get in over your head. You’d be best off speaking to the department head & asking for permission to enroll.
    Normally, without the prerequisite you might be barred from signing up for the class outright, and will need the department head’s permission.

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