[BIG NEWS! ] CoordiKids is donating free access during closures!

      ANYONE can sign up FREE at www.coordikids.com/schoolathome using Contact Code  KD    Receive access to our movement break program that boosts attention span, and emotional regulation while reducing fidgeting and clumsiness.   Head to www.coordikids.com/schoolathome using Contact Code KD to sign up. Be sure to share with anyone who has kids or grandkids to take advantage of this offer

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Can Music affect Concentration?

  Many of us mothers have been nagging our  teenagers to turn off their music while they are studying. We presume that they are not concentrating. So the million dollar question……Does music affect concentration while doing tasks?   That question has been the focus of studies and articles, to  answer the question, and  also investigate which type of music could

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Train Your Child to be a Genius


We have been teaching children ranging from 3 to 12 years of age for the past ten years, teaching Math, English, Art and Memory Techniques. Our method of teaching is based on just one principle – FUN.   Fun learning is smart learning and children must enjoy and have fun while learning and this has been our main focus in

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