Diagnosis of Chickenpox

Typically chickenpox does not require any medical tests in order to diagnose. The symptoms of chickenpox are usually distinctive enough and can be distinguished from other conditions and rashes.(New Health advisor, 2015) “You can be pretty sure that it is chickenpox if there are the key symptoms of a mild fever followed by an itchy rash, with blisters and scabs”

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Making wise food choices

Making Wise Food Choices College students are faced with many different challenges in their freshman and sophomore year, not the least of which is how to make wise lifestyle choices. Much research has gone into the “freshman 15”, or the common five to 7 pounds of weight that most college freshmen add to their waistline.   Some theorize that the

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Bulimia and heart disease

Bulimia and heart disease Bulimia is also called bulimia nervosa and is characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by efforts to prevent weight gain such as self-induced vomiting, laxatives, medications, fasting or extreme exercise. Other characteristics include depression, constipation, fatigue, dehydration, irregular heartbeat and damaged teeth and gums from repeated vomiting.   It can sometimes be difficult to

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Freshman 15


“Freshman 15” is the well-known phenomenon of weight gain for most college freshman during their first semester attending a college or university. It seems that college freshmen are most susceptible to gaining weight in their first semester of their college experience. Professors and researchers attribute this to a severe lifestyle change from growing up at home.   Many people look

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Snacking and Studying

  Staying up late, studying till dawn and then racing to take your final exam or get in those final pages of your paper before your professor’s deadline, is a common occurrence on a college campus. Trying to eat a healthy diet while staying awake at night and not gaining weight seems to be a never ending struggle for most

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How to Cure Bulimia

  Bulimia is an eating disorder that affects thousands of people each year in western cultures. The characteristics of the disorder have been described since 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association and include an unrealistic opinion of body image, strict dieting protocols, binge eating (or pigging out) about 2 times a week followed by inappropriate ways of preventing weight gain

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