Outbreak Alert: Do this to avoid getting sick

Hi, Are you afraid that you or your loved ones might get sick because of Соrоnаvirus? You’re not alone—most people feel the same as the deadly pandemic engulfs nations, states, and local communities. The most important thing right now is to understand that you are not helpless or doomed. In this global crisis, you can take action and face the

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Active Kids


American children are growing more obese each decade. In fact, all of Americans are growing more obese each decade. The problem isn’t limited to the children. However, it is as children that we learn to eat correctly, get the right amount of exercise and place a high value on our health.   For good health, children need at least 60

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Can Music affect Concentration?

  Many of us mothers have been nagging our  teenagers to turn off their music while they are studying. We presume that they are not concentrating. So the million dollar question……Does music affect concentration while doing tasks?   That question has been the focus of studies and articles, to  answer the question, and  also investigate which type of music could

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Vitamins for Kids

Children’s Vitamins With all of the information floating around the media today about the importance of nutrition, more and more people are turning to supplements and vitamins to make up the difference of their fast processed food diets.   But do our children also need vitamins supplementation to make up for the differences in their diet?   Lets get one

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Diagnosis of Chickenpox

Typically chickenpox does not require any medical tests in order to diagnose. The symptoms of chickenpox are usually distinctive enough and can be distinguished from other conditions and rashes.(New Health advisor, 2015) “You can be pretty sure that it is chickenpox if there are the key symptoms of a mild fever followed by an itchy rash, with blisters and scabs”

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