Did Leonardo da Vinci made discoveries about human anatomy or he just studied it and made diagrams about it?

I know that not only Leonardo Da Vinci was an distinguished artist, He was also a scientist, but I want to know if he actually made discoveries about the human anatomy or did he just studied discoveries made by other scientist at that time and made sketches like the Vitruvian Man and these other sketches of anatomic figures: http://www.elrelojdesol.com/leonardo-da-vinci/english/drawings-index.htm

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Can someone please help me answer the questions for ANATOMY?

This is an Anatomy and Physiology related post They are all so similar so I dont know what the proper matches are: ANSWERS: flexor pollicis longus biceps brachii pronator teres extensor digitorun pectoralis major triceps brachii pronator quadratus Question for avoeve answers:Matching antagonist of biceps brachii adducts the arm flexes forearm and supinates the hand elbow extensor pronates the hand(2

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Which kind of biology course(s) is the hardest, Introductory Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, or Microbiology?

Which kind of biology course(s) is the hardest, the second hardest, and the least hardest, in Introductory Biology I & II, Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Introductory Microbiology ??? Perhaps, can you tell me which kind can make me spend the most maximum time studying it, which the second most, and which the least most time of studying???

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