Continuity vs Strict Replacement or is human evolution a combination of the two?

There are basically two hypotheses regarding Human Evolution especially when it comes to where Neanderthal fits into the picture – Continuity and Strict Replacement: I am interested in where people stand on this topic – personally, I am a Continuitist and believe, through my own research and that of others, that Neanderthals are our direct ancestors through admixture. I also understand that many people are influenced on their stance by their Instructures Points of View.

Please no lectures about the two – I am just interested in people’s opinions as I already have my advanved degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology as well as many credits in Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology.

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  • constellation

    At least you show that an educated person can be nice unlike the guy before me. You should question people opinions, it shows an open mind. I read about evolution as a hobby and have only one college course but I see nothing but somekind of war of thought going on and it gives me little confidence in the information out there. This is one reason the creationist can’t be swayed. Out of Africa makes no sense to me but I will keep reading. Thanks.

  • jonmcn49

    I already answered this question and do not care one whit about your " advanced degrees. " With all of those " advanced degrees " you should know that opinion matters nothing to evidence. I tell you the " Out Of Africa " theory is well supported against its competitors. Whether Neanderthal is our direct ancestor, or not, is not going to be supportable by either continuity or replacement, as both would have preceded Neanderthal. Any admixture would have been after both of the competing theories time line by a order of magnitude.
    Advanced degrees in Anthropology indeed! You social scientist need to keep up!!

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