Did Leonardo da Vinci made discoveries about human anatomy or he just studied it and made diagrams about it?

I know that not only Leonardo Da Vinci was an distinguished artist, He was also a scientist, but I want to know if he actually made discoveries about the human anatomy or did he just studied discoveries made by other scientist at that time and made sketches like the Vitruvian Man and these other sketches of anatomic figures: http://www.elrelojdesol.com/leonardo-da-vinci/english/drawings-index.htm

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  • christy

    i would say yes because of his studies of human anatomy. he provided detail about the muscles, bones, etc of the human body that was in more detail than anyone had ever done before. it wasn’t any major discovery like… the earth is round, but he did provide useful information not only to science but also to artists in rendering the human body.

  • i think he showed things others didn’t know through his studies
    and we’re he just mapped out a dude and showed us his findings

  • lostsaint69

    he studied anatomy and made drawings of autopsy’s but i don’t think he made any new discoverers

  • Lollip☼p

    What was human anatomy? JK. I think that he used some stuff that other scientists found and then came up with his own theories. It is a very mysterious world…Good question!

  • Susanne G

    he was one of the first person, who "opened" a dead man. Of course he also discoveres the organics and muscles.

  • Claire

    My understanding is that he was gay and had a passion for (male) human body and, by force of studying it, drawing it etc, he became more and more aware of it pure dimensions. I do not think he made any "discovery" per se.

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