Do I need General Biology before taking Human Anatomy?

I’m in my first year of college and I took General Biology first semester but failed the class. I enrolled in Human Anatomy before knowing my grade and I’m number 2 on the wait list. I just want to know if I will still be able to get in that class or should I just drop it and enroll in another general ed class.

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  • Betty

    General Biology is the "foundation" for all biology classes including allied subjects like Anatomy & Physiology. While you "may" be admitted to that class (depends on prerequisites at your college or university), ideally you should at least get the fundamentals cleared up so that you have a basic understanding of human biology.

  • Linda R

    Re-take General Biology and pass it….then take Human Anatomy. If you’re going into the ‘medical’ field – you will NEED the General Biology class.

  • Cooper

    General biology covers basic information that you will need to have a better understanding of human anatomy. For some programs, it is a prerequisite needed before taking some of the more advanced biology courses. I’d recommend taking general biology before taking human anatomy.

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