Do some religionistas believe that man has one less rib because Eve was made from a rib?

I know it’s late, but are these people so completely deluded that they don’t know simple human anatomy? Ignorance of one thing, but willful delusions should be outlawed.

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  • |Gordon| |Freeeman| の領主アンデッド

    Math fail. it would be 2 less.

    Think. I have 6 apples Jane has 4. I give here one now we both have 5.

    Me 6 – 1 = 5
    Jane 4 + 1 = 5

    Original difference is 2 in that 6 – 4 = 2.

    Or you can use an even number. i have 12 she has 12, i give he one and have 11, she takes mine and has 13. 13 is 2 more than 11.

  • Martin S

    That’s an urban legend that may have had it’s origins in a church where someone who was ignorant of biology started it.


    Willful religious self-retardation runs deep, and ingrained.

  • Fireball

    no that was a one time thing…

  • Professor Coldheart!

    Yup, an elderly man told me that when I was in high school.

  • Didnt Prince get a rib removed?

  • Shinigami (FAC)

    If you have ever looked at the DNA molecule, it’s kinda curved….and that bit is missing from the male chromosome…I suppose, if someone who did not know what they were looking at saw that bit, they would think it was a rib.

    Mebe God is some kind of immortal alien genetic engineer due to come back and see what went on since He left a few billion years ago.

  • Survivor

    No, it seems to have been a child story passed on through-out schools. But when the children come home the parents simply tell them it’s not true. This theory is not something religous people believe, only the small children who don’t know much yet.

  • pjpackers

    As a worker in the medical field and a believer in Jesus.,this never ceases to amaze me either.
    The ones that go to faith healing instead of Physicians drive me nuts also. God gave us medicine and all,use it!

  • liwmld

    yes, i know men and women have the same number of ribs. Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs. you may or may not know that ribs regenerate after being surgically removed. it’s amazing how God made us. research this. it’s absolutely fascinating from a scientific and Biblical standpoint, and thanks for bringing this up, because it’s just one more scientific bit of evidence that proves the Bible is divine 😉

  • Graybeard

    I’ve actually heard people say that… but that’s not the most ridiculous notion that they have.


    You can show them x-rays of a man and a woman, and they will deny the existence of identical rib cages.

  • William P

    Every Anatomy and Physiology class I ever took, on day 1, the question was asked, "How can you tell a male from a female skeleton?" Inevitably, someone, in all seriousness, will say, "count the ribs"

    It’s not a matter of willful delusion as much as it is a matter of brainwashing. They are taught these things from birth, and honestly don’t know better

  • That would mean that she was genetically his daughter.

  • seeker of jehovah

    no we know anatomy

    we also know that females can have ribs beside the normal ones

    page 111

    l Cervical Rib
    A cervical rib is a supernumerary or accessory
    rib arising from the seventh cervical vertebra.
    This abnormality occurs in approximately 0.5%
    of the population and is more common in females
    than in males (8) (Fig 10).
    Although a cervical rib is usually asymptomatic,
    it is the most important anatomic rib variant
    from a clinical standpoint because it can
    cause thoracic outlet syndrome by compression
    of the brachial plexus or subclavian vessels. This
    syndrome is usually associated with pain in the
    hand when the arm is elevated, difference in
    pulse intensity between the two arms when the
    affected extremity is in a certain position, and
    Raynaud phenomenon. Angiography is helpful
    in the diagnosis and essential in the evaluation
    of this syndrome in patients with a cervical rib.

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