Do you need to be really good at math/science to succeed in studying phramacy?

What if you took the required pre-pharm science/anatomy courses? Is general chemistry or human anatomy really that hard? I was told pharmacy is not as "left-brain" oriented as say, engineering or hard sciences?? Is that true? I am a History major that is considering pharmacy because of great future job growth in the healthcare/medical field, plus great paying job. I realize it’s going to take me like 6 years(2 year pre-pharm courses, then 4 year pharmacy program), so I want to ask around and then decide if the field is a decent fit for me or not.

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  • Miranda

    Oh, absolutely. Why don’t you go talk to a pharmacist. The best way to get information about a field of study or a career is talk to someone who is doing the work. You can get all kinds of ideas about things but hearing it directly from the horse’s mouth gives you the best information.

  • Chris L

    there is a lot of chemistry

  • geminigirl

    Not necessarily smart, but you do need to take alot of chem and math courses if you want to be a pharmacists.

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