Does a Human Anatomy Course Require Cadaver Dissection?

I’m also looking for a textbook reference for human anatomy and physiology studies.

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  • Clearwater

    It depends on the level of your human anatomy course and intended objectives. Cadaver dissections are usually restricted to those in advanced biomedical sciences, medical school or clinical health care studies.

    In many schools, it is likely that you will be studying pre-dissected cadavers as part of your lab requirement while actual dissection, if any, usually comes at later stages and is done so in groups of 4-5 students.

    The more advanced your field of study (like in the case of medicine or surgery) the higher your chances that your human anatomy course will require cadaver dissection. For general anatomy, you will either be studying a pre-dissected body or simply representative models.

    Anatomy Textbook reference:

  • Diocletian

    Human Anatomy courses at the college level (e.g., as required for Nursing School) do not usually involve human cadaver dissection. Usually, dissection is performed on cats, or possibly dogs or small pigs, depending on the school. Human Anatomy at the medical school level would involve human cadaver dissection.

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