Does anyone have review sheets form the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manuel By Elain Marieb?

I purchased this manual used, and the person I bought it from had torn out some of the review sheets from the end of each chapter.

The book is "Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual, Updated, Cat Version, 10th editon" It was published in 2012. The authors are Elaine N. Marieb and Susan J. Mitchell. ISBN: 978-0-321-76558-1.

I’m missing the review sheets form 10 chapters.

Chapter 6 (Pages 85-90)
Chapter 12 (Pages 167-168)
Chapter 14 (Pages 193-195)
Chapter 29 (Pages 437-442)
Chapter 30 (Pages 453-456)
Chapter 32 (Pages 485-490)
Chapter 36 (Pages 545-548)
Chapter 38 (Pages 591-596)
Chapter 40 (Pages 617-620)
Chapter 41 (Pages 627-628)

Thank you in advance.

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