Does drawing a human skeleton help learn the human anatomy better?

Well, as a beginner artist, I’ve been drawing random things from life, just free-hand copying them either from in front of me like a watch or from a photograph like a flower. But I’m a bit interested in trying to learn the human anatomy, and I really can’t draw humans well. I’ve heard before drawing a plain, full body skeleton will help to know the structure of human anatomy. Is this true, if so, do you mind if you can help by fishing out some good images of a full-body skeleton I can use as inspiration to sketch? Thanks in advance.

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  • Aleigha

    A human skeleton huh? I have only been drawing 2 years and I’m self taught at the moment. Drawing the human skeleton will help you with proportion and certain human anatomy but start slowly. Instead of jumping into a full picture of a skeleton try drawing parts (like hands and fingers, or feet and toes) get the hang of the parts of the body so later all your really trying to do is put it together and figure out proportion. One thing I have had problems with is the head and face. Take your time, figure out your problem areas and work them out slowly. If you can or want to, take classes.

    What helps me is breaking down a picture into shapes, pencil pressure is important if your not doing line art. The basic structure of a picture should be lighter, when you like what you see make the lines darker and soon you should see your picture coming together. Remember a skill like drawing takes time and practice, don’t be afraid of taking a breather if you start to get frustrated, but don’t give up.

  • I would think so.

  • Bluebird of Happiness

    yes it would help. It would also probably be beneficial to start with simpler shapes. Check out this book: Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck. Pretty much everything you need to know is in this book. Every artist should have a copy, really. It’s not too terribly expensive either.

    Amazon link:

  • marverick winslow

    yup thats help me a lot with drawing. Try search this website help me a lot with the drawing include the Ebook provide. Just sharing. Thanks 🙂

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