Does it makes a difference if you take human anatomy opposed to comparative when applying to med school?

i was just wondering if you think there is a big difference in the eyes of med school if you take human anatomy instead of taking comparative anatomy, and if there is a big difference if there is still a good chance of getting in if you do well in the class. thanks

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  • Card Buff

    I’m assuming you’re applying to med school in the U.S. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which course you take. The important courses are your required biology, physics, organic chem, inorganic chem, math, and english courses. If you did well in these courses and your MCAT scores, then I wouldn’t worry about which class you take. However, if you take human anatomy prior to medical school, you will have an advantage when you take it again in medical school since you will already be familiar with it, but I’m pretty sure the medical school course will be more extensive.

    Hope this helps.

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