Does The Human Anatomy Course by James Ross Work?

Hi everyone
Maybe one of you bought the Human Anatomy Course by James Ross and can share his own experience with it? I’m thinking seriously to try this course and wonder if it really works or not.
If anyone has any experience with this Human Anatomy Course please let me know what you think about it.

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  • Nelson


    I bought James Ross’ Human Anatomy Course few months ago and found it to be very interesting for me.

    The Human Anatomy Course consists of 3 system components with more than 3,000 pages of detailed explanations, illustrations and diagrams on hundreds of medical topics. System component 1 is the main Human Anatomy and Physiology course and it comes with additional materials, lesson quizzes and solutions.
    System component 2 tackles Drug Dosage, Therapy and Pharmacology and the last system component is the Detailed Illustrations Graphics Pack.
    I think the best thing about James Ross’ Human Anatomy Course is that it does a really great job at explaining the different medical topics. The material is presented in layman’s terms so that you don’t need to have a medical background in order to understand the lessons.
    I also like that fact that you can learn the Human Anatomy Course from anywhere, because you can take the course cd’s with you.

    In my opinion the only negative aspect about James Ross’ Human Anatomy Course is that since it is a very comprehensive it might take a while to get through the entire program.

    However, it is still quicker than college classes and with the 60 days money back guarantee that James Ross gives for his course I found it to be very affordable for me and I don’t think that there is nothing to lose.

    P.S, below is also one link that I’ve used when I bought this course, you can use it to get 30% discount for the complete Human Anatomy Course including the full money back guarantee.

    Hope that it help, have a great day!

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