downloading virtual dissection human anatomy?

educational. for study in human anatomy for medical students it contains 3D view of muscles, blood vessel, n nerve supply in human body.

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  • wildcat_72069

    some sites that i used during gross anatomy: probably my favorite but it was incomplete
    Hector the Dissector at OSU
    U of Michigan’s anatomy site has videos and quizzes for embryology for sites about everything lots of anatomy sites

    Edit: But the best anatomy software is "Primal 3D Anatomy" from Moore and Dalley COA. A cd with a 45 day trial came with my COA and it was freaking sweet until my computer decided i didnt need it anymore. It is too expensive if you just want it for class, but if you are planning to go into surgery, it would be a wise and worthwhile investment.

  • theres dissection for animals such as frogs thats available over the internet. But I think what you’re talking about is called the Adam program I beleive and its very expensive, yet comprehensive at the same time. It allows you to get an indepth look at the inside of a human body muscles, blood vessels nerves and all.

  • American Wildcat

    Actually i found a site for you, it’s, it’s a very good site. It shows pretty much anything you want to know about anatomy. Check it out.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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