Fetal pig vs Human anatomy?

I just dissected a fetal pig in my Biology class and we have to do a lab-writeup on it. In it, we have to thoroughly discuss the differences between the fetal and human thoracic cavity, digestive system, circulatory system, excretory system, endocrine system, and the reproductive system. I have some information on it but need more. Any help would be great! Thanks!! 🙂

(site your sources if possible/applicable)
Aww sorry guys for posting this question in Religion and Spirituality. I already posted this question in the Science section but no one ever visits or responds to questions there. So I just posted it wherever I thought there would be frequent visitations

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  • Deirdre H

    This might be a question better asked in the education section. What you are looking for is called "comparative anatomy". If you use the following search term:

    "comparative anatomy" + "fetal pig" + human

    This will lead you to items all three items. You need the quotes and the "+" signs as this is what is called a binary search.

    Hope this helps.


  • LadySuri

    your Biology book

  • jignutty

    um Hun, you might be in the wrong forum.

  • Skippy

    you need to be in the science section, not here in Religion and Spirituality.

  • mesquitemachine

    why is this question in R&S?

  • I-Ponder

    i did that too, we cut the skull open and sat him upright position, we thought it looked funny

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