Good teaching/study aid for high school human anatomy and physiology and probability and statistics.?

I need a good study book/teaching book to help someone out in high school. They will be taking human anatomy and prob stats for the next school year and I will be tutoring them this summer to help prepare them. I know the stuff, but I don’t really know where to begin and was wondering if anybody knew any good books to teach from? I am also tutoring them in AP courses but those study aids are easier to find. Please help!

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  • Betty

    Here are some recommendations:

    Ross Anatomy:


    This was my primary anatomy & physiology study guide back in high school and is something of an A-Z teaching/self study textbook as far as mastering A&P and passing exams are concerned. It is also easier to understand than Gray’s Anatomy (which can be a voluminous, difficult tome for some students and teachers alike) and has been adapted to conform to the AP course curriculum.

    For high school probability and statistics, I recommend Focus in High School Mathematics: Statistics and Probability by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Mike Shaughnessy.

    There’s also a Wikibooks page on the subject with a downloadable teacher’s guide:

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