Good tips that help you stay focused while studying?

I am in my first year of university doing human anatomy and physiology. I just can’t seem to study for more then 20 minutes at a time..eveything but seems to have my undivided attention.

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  • I was in your shoes…last year. I was a freshman taking that course. It’s hard. I know. My professor gave us the powerpoints and his tests were word for word off of them. So I made flashcards and memorize that way. Flashcards seem to work for most people. Plus, you can carry them around and when you’re standing in line a the bank or riding the city bus around town, you can pull them out and study. Hope that helps! (Oh yeah, and make sure to turn off your laptop…and TV. Head to the library if you have to.)

  • Well … take a look into some supplements when you have the time …

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