Guidelines for Staff dealing with chickenpox

Guidelines for Staff

For staff dealing with children infected with the chickenpox, each early years setting will have their own policy to follow.

In a nursery for example, they might deal with chickenpox by informing the child’s parents of the symptoms they have discovered, this could lead to phone calls being made to the parents of the child to come collect them if they are feeling unwell.

In a school a child’s parents may be called and asked to pick up their child, this is so they can recover at home and this will prevent the virus from spreading any further.

Staff should follow the guidelines of the process of chickenpox, as there is ways of preventing the infection from spreading. A person with chickenpox can spread this infection up to 2 days before they get the get a rash, till all of the chickenpox blisters have scabbed over. It takes 10 to 21 days from having contact with a person with chickenpox, for the rash to develop (CDC, 2011). Some pracitioners will know having chickenpox once means a child may not get it again.

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