HELP! just started drawing with human anatomy?

Any tips do i need to know? im studying from the book "Human Anatomy made amazingly easy" by Christoper Hart. how can i remember all this knowledge of anatomy? should i pratice everyday? study each section everyday? plz help me, it will be very grateful

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  • Debonair

    First I highly recommend the book Peck’s Atlas of the Human Anatomy for the Artist. Originally a textbook years ago it has been republished and is available to the general public. Very good anatomy book. That having been said. Unless you are in a art school situation that requires you to have all of the bones and muscles memorized by name all that you really have to do is have an understanding of how the human figure works.and is put together. Drawing from a live model will also bring you that understanding. A few years ago the figure became an interest to me after having seen a show of Andrew Wyeth’s "Helga" series. And at that point I was producing only non-representational work.. I had previous training and exposure to the figure but my work lead me in other directions over the years. And then some years later there I was interested in using the female figure in my work. Now since I usually get ants in my pants about doing something I didn’t want to waste time looking for or having to deal with a model. I instead working with what I already was familiar with would refer primarily to my figure drawing books and fortunately had an obliging girlfriend to get a three dimensional view when needed. That period of work was very productive,producing twenty some odd works in 2D and nearly as many in 3D.. And was financially rewarding as well. What I already knew or was familiar with came back to mind in the same manner as they say riding a bicycle does when you haven’t ridden in a while. and it was only in the details that I needed to make references. So unless you plan on becoming a medical illustrator,become familiar enough with the subject then go to work. Referring back to sources when needed. Sorry for the length.

  • Just don’t worry about it. Unless you have a hormone disorder with memory loss symptoms, you will have no problem remembering any anatomy. It doesn’t matter how often you practice.

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