How can I be qualified to teach all grades, maybe 5-12? How can I get qualified to teach more than one subjec

I think that I may teach a little while after I get my bachelor’s degree in a couple of years. I really would like to teach grades 5 and 10. How can I do this? Also, I would like to teach two different things, such as English and Human Anatomy? How can I do this? Any teachers out there that is qualified to do all of the things listed, and if so how long did it take. It seems as if I may have to get a degree in education, then get an alternative certification to teach. For example, if I major in Secondary Biology Education, but I also wanted to teach English or the fifth grade, how would I be able to do this, maybe even without having to go back to school?

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  • tklines

    1) You’re going to need a teaching credential in Secondary Education, with testing scores on the (your state initials)-SET in English and Science. Depending on the state you live in, it usually takes about 4-5 years, after the bachelors, to get all the schooling done, IF you have to work AND go to school. If you can go straight through, it’ll be about 2-3 years, full-time.
    2) If you want to teach in a public school system, you’ll not always have a choice of grade levels. They put you where you’re needed. You can request, and in Science you can write your own ticket, but it’s not guaranteed.
    3) You’ll have to go back to school no matter what you decide to do if you want to teach anywhere now. They can’t hire you unless you’re credentialed. It’s against the law. (See the IDEA legislation.)
    4) You’ll need to take 3 tests (depending on the state). The (state initials)BEST, the (state initials)SET (with specific subtests added for each subject you want to "major" in), and the RICA. All are 4-5 hours long with M/Cs and essays. Study HARD! They are bears! Thank No Child Left Behind for this one.
    5) You’ll need to keep a "B" average in all education classes.
    6) You’ll need to show at least 45 hours of observation the first year. During the day…you know, work hours.
    There’s a lot more extra stuff, but it’s not formally required. As you can see, becoming a teacher is not easy for anyone. The job is deceptively hard. And the pay is not great.
    BUT, for the rewards, its worth it, and I’ve had a lot worse jobs before, for a lot less. Itinerant teaching is an option that is out there too. That’s a great way to teach. More freedom. Special Ed is also cool. You can go anywhere and call your shots in that area. Science too. In shortage areas like these, the districts are more likely going to bend to your requests b/c they’re so desparate to have anyone teaching these subjects. (I’m in Spec Ed.)
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • In VA you would have to be certified to teach grades 3 to 7 and certified to teach 7 to 12. You would need a degree in education with a minor in English or a degree in English with a secondary degree in education. You would have to have enough credits to be qualified to teach Science. How do you suppose that you could teach elementary ed to fifth graders (you would be a full time teacher of a classroom) and also teach high school Science? You can’t just switch back and forth like that.

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