How can I do great in my Human Anatomy class?

This class puts me down, I see myself failing without even taking a test. I wanna do great and pass. I have a problem when in the lab. It’s like I don’t know what I’m looking at. Things look different in a microscope. The body parts have long weird names. I’m commited into passing this class but I don’t know how to master everything.

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  • Okay – here’s what helped me succeed in Human Anatomy & Physiology (large time commitment):

    1. Read the chapter.
    2. Read the chapter a second time and jot down notes as you do, mainly focusing on the things you did not understand after reading it a second time.
    3. Go to lecture and take notes not only from the slideshows but from what the teacher emphasizes vocally as well.
    4. Rewrite and combine lecture and textbook notes.
    5. Skim the chapter a third time. If there are still concepts you do not understand, highlight them (or, if you can’t write in your book, underline with a pencil).
    6. Go to office hours or a class discussion or tutorials and ask questions over the highlighted material.
    7. Always go to class and be attentive.
    8. In the lab, try not to focus on the tiny structures that are difficult for the entire class to find. These structures are shown to you in the lab exercise simply as examples to anatomical and physiological concepts taught in lecture. Focus on bigger structures – organs, muscles, major blood vessels, etc.
    9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in lab, because it shows that you care about succeeding and want to do well. No question is a stupid one.
    10. Make it fun. Think of ways to apply anatomy and physiology to things that you do everyday that you enjoy – both subjects can be applied to every activity – whether it’s playing an instrument or playing on your high school basketball team.

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