How can I improve my human anatomy in art?

I have a fairly good handle on anatomy already, but I still want to get better. I do not have access to figure drawing classes and have no intentions of going to one. What are some "drills" that I can do daily to improve my anatomy?

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  • Why don’t you post your stuff on the critique forum on
    I’ve seen some very good anatomy advice on the sketches there. It would be a good idea to have a picture not too polished, to put up there, so you can integrate their suggestions and stuff.

    You don’t need a figure drawing class to draw people. I take it that you’re surrounding by a fair number of people each day. Work out your observation skills, maybe sit down some time and sketch, too.

    Maybe just do one drawing per day (at least, and practice can mean you do something new, each time, just trying out things)… oh, you can also get a mannequin, or an movable action figure (w/ joints), or maybe order a skeleton from a science site or something…

  • Beyond Mordant

    Virtual Pose 1, 2 and 3 and your computer screen for viewing the models . The book and CD include drawing lessons.

  • De Mac

    Hi i have listed quite a few sites on my Links page on my website try them out they are pretty good


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