How can i make a Human atlas of anatomy with drawing ??

I am an artist and talented in drawing and i am a 21 yr old medical student ana i was thinking of making abook about human atlas of anatomy of my own can i beging and where from can i get my sources..and should i draw things new or can i use other books..i feel like i wanna mke something new..can this dream come true or i am still young ..i feel like i wanna make it but i donnu how to begin?? can any one suggest.

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  • Persiphone_Hellecat

    I guess you could study Leonardo’s anatomy drawings and Grey’s … then start coming up with your own concept for a set of maps of the body. Why not consider giving them an old fashioned kind of look like they were drawn by Leonardo? Think of a way to use your artist skills to make the body beautiful and not just clinical. C.

  • Kanethesis

    1. Highlight major organs. (large cities)

    2. Define major blood paths. (interstates)

    3. From there you will find yourself immersed in multiple layers of the human anatomy. You will have to decide how in depth you want to go with a certain subject. If it is artistic than symbols will suffice for most. But don’t let your drawing becoming cluttered and confusing.

    4. Go back to third grade textbooks!

    5. Navigational flight charts.

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