• books: atlas of human anatomy, atlas of anatomy, gray’s anatomy… (amazon.com) search anatomy books…

    also check out: http://www.alexgrey.com/
    (look at his paintings, he studied, from my knowledge, the human body and does a lot of paintings covering the anatomy, or maybe, mainly the nervous system of the body.. and throws a nice artful twist to it..)

  • gray’s anatomy. best anatomy book you can buy. It’s expensive but worth it because you will never need another anatomy book in your life.

  • MPA girl

    I always thought that the old versions of Grey’s Anatomy books were really fantastic…ancient sculpture is also a great place to look.

  • vickey

    without taking classes.. hey from books it might b difficult for u!! ur a medical student? in mbbs 1year we study human anatomy.u can buy book of indian writer.. B.D.Chaurasia..now a days they give CD also with tht book from tht u can study and u can study from video lectures of KAPLAN of anatomy

  • lindasue m

    if you can get book from library by NETTER, he is the finest medical illustrator. To be able to draw human form you will do best by studying muscle and bone structure. This is a good reference tool for you. I dont know if the Netter book will be in a small town library… but you would be able to find at a junior college or medical library. Also go to bookstores and pull out books on human form and study what they are attempting to teach you.

  • smithie

    I found this site it may be helpful for your study of the human body and actually it’s pretty cool. Click on the pictures and they animate which is kinda helpful ‘cos u see the muscles in motion. You prob. know already but have you tried Youtube they have tons of artsy stuff for drawing figures. I like to draw from modern dance photos and vids ‘cos they have cool poses.


  • Eh[)214N E

    There are many good 3D model programs that let you create and pose a human figure you specify out there, but most you have to pay for…the best free ones I have found were pornographic or relied on a video game to pull model files from. Still, I would suggest you create another Yahoo question about that and see if anyone knows of any good ones.

  • jplatt39

    First a website:


    Now some art books:

    Jeno Barczay Anatomy for the Artist


    I used to joke that if you don’t have that book the Figure Drawing Police will come take away your art supplies. Someone took me seriously. Screw it. Get it.

    Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Figure Drawing:


    The author used to draw the Tarzan Comic Strip, and comic book anatomy comes from him. It’s "wrong" but it’s a great way to THINK about the human figure.

    Jack Hamm Drawing the Head and Figure


    This one is "low brow" like the Hogarth book but otherwise its complete opposite — except in quality. Both of COURSE are excellent. It’s just that Hogarth consciously distorts details and looking at Michelangelo, Henry Fuseli and Blake you will understand why. Hamm gets ALL the details right and this is a very time-bound mid-twentieth century book on anatomy which is very good on details.

    There are many others. Dover books has George Bridgeman’s Constructive anatomy — midway between Hogarth and Barcsay. Frank Netter was an incredible medical illustrator. But those should get you started.

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