How can you do well in Human Anatomy & Physiology?

I am going to do Human Anatomy & Physiology at UTS next semester (two weeks away). I heard it is quite a hard course, but I would like to know what can I do to do well in this subject, and how can keep on top of all assignments? Thanks.
1st answer: I KNOW I need to study. You don’t need to tell me that. The thing is HOW. HOW CAN YOU GET ON TOP OF THINGS AND FACTS.
If you’re going to answer this question in a stupid way, leave it to somewhere else. I can seeking serious advice. Thank you.
*am instead of can. fail.

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  • a_non_ah_mus

    use youtube. uc berkeley has full lectures on the site. you can also find animations to cover topics within body systems.

    take many practice test online. some textbooks offer it for free if yours doesnt use links to textbooks that do. make flashcards. I took photos of histoloy and used them as flashcards. u can find small skeletons (anatomically correct) for less that $20 so you can study bone names and joints with a 3d visual. you can also find then of the heart and brain. you can buy an anatomy coloring book too. dont forget to bug your professor if you dont understand something. most importantly, keep up in class

    good luck

  • Theoden King

    One word. Study.

  • Andy C

    If i were you i would take as many notes as possible and try to review every so often.
    Also, don’t forget to ask questions and listen to everything the instructor has to say.
    Avoid getting distracted and stay focused.
    To stay on top of assignments i suggest you write any homework or uncompleted work in an agenda or notebook.

  • Anatomy is a lot of rote memorization… I did LOTS of flashcards. It all depends on your learning style, though.

    For the physiology part, it helped me tremendously if I had a really good explanation and thorough understanding (sounds obvious, I know)… I had an ADAM cd-rom that helped me a lot because it put the concepts in motion (little animated movies) – much easier to get if you can SEE the process rather than only read through it! I also scoured the web a lot for concepts that I found difficult. Sometimes I had to back up and find a simpler explanation of a concept and then build on it with more detailed sources of info (or my text). A helpful resource can be found at

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