How come philosphy is flexible like its a premed prelaw and business course?

Do you study human anatomy in philosphy?

and why do people say it’s such a strong word?

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  • ron971

    While you aren’t likely to study human anatomy in philosophy, philosophy has played an important role in the study of human anatomy. Time was when the disection of the human body to study its structure was considered unethical, wrong, a gross violation of law to say nothing of being a sin in the eyes of the church.

    What is ethical, wrong, legal, and sinful are all questions addressed by one or more branches of philosophy despite the fact that some may say that "business ethics" is an oxymoron.

    Oh, by the way, I see by your avatar that you may be a chemical engineering student. Consider this: Would you have agreed to design a chemical process that would efficiently and cheaply produce large quantities of a toxic chemical that would be used to exterminate untold numbers of innocent men, women, and children civilians in the Germany of 1936? Which ever way you answer, its an exersize in the philosophical disciplines of ethics, values, theology and personal responsibility.

    Interestingly, Alfred Nobel the Swedish chemist who established the endowment that funds the annual prizes that bear his name, did so as a result of his conflicted feelings following his great financial success following his invention of dynomite. He intended it as a help to Swedish farmers by making the clearing of farm fields of stumps and bolders easy and quick. He didn’t forsee that it would also be used to kill and maim people by more powerful bombs, mines and artillery shells. He hoped that the Nobel Prize would reward scientists who worked to discover helpful knowledge.

  • Sponge B

    Philosophy is flexible because it is the art of thinking, and we all think differently.

    All our thoughts are based on preconceptions of ourselves and the universe around us.
    All our preconceptions are based on our experiences.
    All our experiences are different.
    All you need are 2 points of view to say there are no absolutes.

  • One must know how the human body works to study philosophy. So human anatomy is important to it.

    For instance, Epistemology is the study of knowledge and its importance to one’s life. To understand and make a correct call on this subject, one must know how the brain works.

    Philosophy is the cause of the flexibility of the premed, prelaw and businesses courses.

    Philosophy is used by every human on earth, whether they build it consciously or subconsciously. Humans must have reference to it to make decisions, unless they are a vegetable and sit and dont act. That could be a reason why you hear people say its such a strong word.

  • Bill P

    Philosophy is flexible because there are no absolutes,
    physically, spiritually, nor mentally in this world

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