How come very few women and men are healthy looking?

You know how in the biological science books they show the average human body of males and females. When I look around I seldom see women who have bodies similiar to this.
Are these textbook photos ideals?

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  • If you’re in North America it’s probably because alot of people are overweight…

  • Lilstars 2010

    They look after thierselves more keep a healthy routine

  • █▄▌▀▐▄█

    Blame McDonald’s.

  • Food Industry

  • BobJr's Final return

    because no one body is the ideal healthy body. Though I will admitt if ur from america over 40 million people are considered overweight.

  • ArcheryHopeful

    Ideal, yes. Realistic, no. People do not take care of themselves so they are not healthy so they do not look healthy.

  • purple daisies! fear my roar.

    Because in North America, we all more or less lead horrible lifestyles.

    Stressed out all the time, always on the go, totally unbalanced diets…

    Honestly, it’s a miracle that our life expectancy is over 60.

  • jeligula

    I think it might be because you live in a leper colony? But to answer your question, I just don’t know. I am a straight man who works in a department with 35 women. Paradise? No. Pure hell, I assure you. 85% of them are grotesque and they are all neurotic. God help me.

  • People are too stressed about other things to care about their health. such as bills,society,food,job,children,dealing with crazy people insulting them.


    Black people do. White people are just too ugly and gross to look normal

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