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    QUESTION: How complicating is the human body (anatomy) to be seen as same?
    ANSWER: Human body (anatomy) is not complicating. Human being (individual) is complicating. Making love triangles & complex peace treaties or one-way streets only during rush hour traffic times That’s complicating! Do not seeing that as same.

    Medicine is at its infancy. We’re all different. Blood and Bones. Is there a question hidden in here.?

    I know, ….seen as same!

    QUESTION:Should we all be seen as the same?
    ANSWER: yes except for Stanley Billingsworth. He is different The clown suit he wears everywhere is your first clue.

    How complicating is question saying it in English? Should learning it (English) be in its infancy?

  • Thomas

    There’s more to the human anatomy than listed organs.

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