How do I begin with my artist alley table?

DO you have any tips and advises? What item sells the most? What are the perfect price for each items ( I don’t want it to be expensive but also not too cheap)? Would it be great if i wore a cosplay? How will I create a business card as in what should I write, how will I design it?

I am 15 years old and I think I am not ready (reference that is why I will attend the artist alley for next one or two years later (when I am at college) so that is why I am doing all the research before beginning. Is this worth the experience because my dad is not sure since I will have to spend more money than getting some. But I had heard it was an amazing experience and fun. So I am not too sure about this. Can you please check my drawings on instagram and mention any flaws that I should improve. Currently I am practicing with human anatomy and then I will go with backgrounds (I am self tought by the way).

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  • amybeader

    First, I think it’s wonderful that you want to do this! It is really a great way to get started. People will see your art and ask questions and make comments.

    Certainly you could wear a cosplay if you want. My suggestion is to wear something that you are comfortable sitting in for long periods. It really isn’t any fun if your costume makes you uncomfortable.

    Bring samples of your work. Do you do sketches? Full finished art? Get a portfolio book with removable clear plastic sheets to protect your work. Don’t get one really big; your space is limited. Bring both prints and original art.

    If you enjoy drawing characters, and can work pretty fast, bring drawing materials; people may commission you to do something for them.

    Pricing can be hard. If you can make prints of your work (there are various ways to do this), I’d sell them for $10 to $20 each. Original work should of course be much higher.

    You can make your own business cards, but you might also want to check out VistaPrint, they are relatively cheap and have lots of designs, or you can upload your own.

    I think you have a good start on the art. I think my favorite is the girl at the piano! (Maybe because I played piano for many years.)

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