How do I get started with learning Human Anatomy?

I’m a 14 year old who enjoys drawing Manga and I want to improve so I would like to start learning human anatomy but i’m not too sure where i’m meant to start or what exactly I learn from. So basically my question is: Where do I start? What exactly do I need to learn?? I would love it if you guys could link me some websites (Since I can’t buy books anytime soon..) and also suggest a few good books. Thanks!

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    You study (and practice, and hone your skills) on anatomy HERE, you’ll NEVER worry about anatomy again, Manga, Fantasy, or Realistic.

  • Matthew

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  • Google images for human musculature and study the anatomy of the muscles. Google images has many great illustrations of men and women in different poses that show how the muscles behave.

    This is what I did when I started sculpting busts and it helped me greatly in drawing also.

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