how do i learn to draw the humsn body?

please tell me ways i which i can improve my drawing o youtube. i cant really draw my friends and fmily. i cant get a notbook or anyhing like a mannequin. my mother ha no money whatso ever. dont just say. practice. what do i practice. please also don say buy books on amazon. we established that i cant.. but i do have the book by valerie l winslow. classic human anatomy. though i dont really need to know te muscles as i am doing this to draw manga.
i meant at the beggining "please ell me ways in which i can improve my drawings of the human body" not youtube. i dont know why i said youtube. and sorry for my terrible spelling. alot of the keys on the key board are stuck.

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  • pose yourself and photograph you

    or pose yourself in front of a mirror”practice drawing fruit. the body is just a bunch of shapes put together, like anything else.

  • Le croustillant

    you have to look at the picture very carefully, the details make the image. You got to get the proportions right and this is the most difficult part. Practice makes perfect and you know it, just keep on drawing the same person you see over and over again and compare each new drawing with its previous.

  • A&D, U.S.

    Go to your local library and ask your librarian to help you find life drawing books. They should have several to choose from.

    Google tutorials, lessons and or:
    How to draw humans step-by-step
    Life Drawing step-by-step
    How to draw Manga step-by-step

    See these links

    (Classic Human Anatomy is a very advanced book. Too complex for now.)

    Let me know if this helps.

    Artist and Designer, U.S.

    p.s. Y!A has a built in spell checker. It may be helpful to you. If you check out you Control Panel or do a computer search for accessibility, you might be able to find a pop-up on screen keyboard you can use with your mouse. Windows has this built in accessibility feature for people who have physical problems typing.

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