How do you date a young businessman?

I study/work in New York City. I love seeing business and economic interns around the city. I have talked to a few of them and I’m attracted to their ‘type’. Everyone has a type, be it a scientist, artist, mine is business boys!

My friend told me they are alpha males, is that true? Should a non-alpha female date a businessman? I am pre-med student. Human Anatomy is my area of study, so I am not involved in the business world.

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  • This doesn’t make much sense to me. For one, alpha and alpha never work…there is always a battle for power. Second, who cares what type you’re attracted to? If you connect with a business man, go for it! If you end up finding a Dr, go for it!

  • newbtube

    I’m not sure if i would call us alpha males but we are confident in what we do. I would also say every guy is different, just keep making yourself available and around them. Eventually one will ask you out.

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