How does my Senior class schedule look like?

English 4
AP Govt/Econ
AP Statistics
Human Anatomy/ Physiology
French 4/IB

We’ve started to register for our classes this week, so I just want some feedback on my choices. I want a good senior year, not so much work, but not ridiculously easy. Is there anything that I might regret taking or what?

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  • Jen<3

    That loooks amazing:D

    AP Gov, and AP stat are fairly the easier AP courses, BUT does not mean its going to be tough. Lots of work:)
    Overall, good courses to end your high school!
    If you did ALOT of AP classes junior year, then stick with those classes.
    If you did only a few add on one more:)

  • Olivia

    you smartypants! I would suggest taking a free period…thats what our school suggestd to us But it looks good 🙂

  • Kirsten Kira

    looks to me like you were looking for the 5 most boring classes you could find. My senior year i had 2 classes and even had trouble showing up for them. IF those courses are related to what you plan to do after school then sure take them all, but otherwise they are largely a waste of time

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