How does one become a better artist?

I’m going back to college soon and going into graphic design but this is a base for my true plans to become a comic book artist. But I’m quite frustrated with results of google I have look in every corner of the internet dealing with improvement the human anatomy. But how does one study it do I look at the body itself on the outside or the inside of it. Another thing I been serious about my figures for four years so i seen the old stick method and let’s just say I am tired of it I’ve seen countless people scribble stuff down on paper and there was no stick figure involved just random loose shapes. Now that is something I would like to learn but half the time it’s a rare hard find on google to find someone who teaches the scribble/gesture method without saying phrases like" feel the line" or " just let the line go through you". I mean get to the point sorry I’m ranting. But I would appreciate to know how to learn a new method of drawing the figure but so far it’s just the same old stick method. Thanks for your help!!!

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  • Why study graphic design if you want to be a comic book artist? There’s only one decent school for that art form and that’s Kubrick’s:

    Tom Mandrake is currently one of the teachers ( for example ).

  • One becomes a better artist by practice, practice, practice.

    Maybe take classes (life or figure drawing classes). Draw and paint many figures.

    Art groups and centers often have open studios and/or portrait/figure groups.

    I have been an artist for 34 years. I draw and paint almost daily – I say ‘almost daily’ because there are times of family emergencies, illnesses, etc. where I could not draw or paint.

    My skills are always improving and what I do is always evolving. It evolves through what I do, see, and experience.

    I believe this is true for all/most artists – but you must practice regularly.

  • Tim D

    You look at how light strikes the outside of it – which, obviously, is affected by how the muscles, bones and joints are shaped.

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