How does the Human Anatomy and the circulatory system relate to these things?

I am doing an Anatomy project and was wonder if you could tell me facts about how the Anatomy/ circulator system relates to the classes:
Allgebra 2
english 3 (American Literature)

I need facts like: During a scene in Hamlet one of the characters holds a skull, which is made of crainial and Facial bones.
that would be considered for english.

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    1) In Algebra 2 you learn about Matrices. Matrix is the Latin word for mother, which relates to having specifically-shaped pelvic bones & a uterus.
    2) For Health you need clean arteries through exercise & not smoking.
    3) When the guy gets shot at the end of "Of Mice & Men" his blood flows out of his brain. Also, in "The Scarlet Letter" the adultery is done with parts of the anatomy.
    4) The circulatory system provides oxygen to nourish all parts of the human Anatomy.
    5) The hemo- part of the hemoglobin molecule in Chemistry is iron.
    6) In Zoology, all vertebrate animals have a circulatory system similar to ours.
    7) The circulation of money in Economics, plus disposing of old money & creating new bills & coins is similar to what our bodies do with blood cells.

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